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Saturday, November 13, 2021

How can you become rich

 How can you become rich?

The session was taking place in a large hotel with a purpose.

 "How can you become rich"

The presenters had also brought two persons with them in this session.


The person standing to the right was wearing a fancy dress, white shirt, red tie, shiny shoes, and hair. The man standing on the left was wearing very dirty clothes with broken shoes and scattered hair.
The presenters, while addressing the people, asked a question to tell them which of the two is "rich". 99% of the people said that the person who is wearing fancy clothes is rich.

Once again, addressing the people, he asked another question, "Who is the literate person among them?" Then he pointed to both of them and asked the people who is the most successful person in them.
The presenters laughed and said to the well-dressed man, "Take off your coat." When he took off his red tie, there were spots on it and the shiny shoes were rotten on the inside.

When the presenters inquired about the education of this well-dressed man, they found out that he had only matriculated and his success was due to the fact that he was an office boy in a small company.
Conversely, when the inquirers inquired about the man, he said that the clothes he was wearing looked rotten on the surface, but it was branded. $ 5,000 and when asked about his education, he said he has an MBA and a GM in a company.

The presenters asked the people sitting in this hall one last question, what is the virtue that has caused you to consider a person in fancy clothes as rich and a person in poor condition as poor.
Everyone had the same answer.


So one thing that has been proven here is that the world can judge what you are by your dress and personality.

Five things decide how you dress, how successful you are, and how educated you are.

1. Certificate
2. Car
3. Home
4. Bank balance
5. Dressing

But the interesting thing is that no one can always carry the first four things with you. You have never seen a person bring these four things with him and put them on the table.
So if you want to be rich or successful you have to start with the dressing.

For example:

- If you need an office boy for your office, who would you hire? Certainly a man with clean clothes and well-groomed hair.

- If you need a driver for your car, who would you choose? Of course, the dressing will be good.

- If you have to buy goods, how do you get to the person? Surely his personality will be wonderful.

You will never find a well-dressed/well-groomed person in your life who is unemployed and unemployed. They achieve their goal.

Success and building are both beautiful and delicate birds. They always sit on a clean and beautiful tree. Just make yourself beautiful and clean. All the birds of success and building will come and sit on your shoulders. First, prove yourself worthy of success and build through your dressing. You tell the world that you are rich, you are successful, you just haven't got the money, you just haven't got the applause.

 If you also want to be rich then you too should be well dressed. I claim that wealth will not be able to stay away from you for long because you are it.

"Look at the world."

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Learn to love yourself first

Learn to love yourself first

Once upon a time, a man lived with his wife and son in a small village. He worked hard all day and supported himself and his wife and children. There was a mountain a few miles from his house. The man often went to the top of the mountain and sat there for a while, watching nature and coming back home.

One morning, as he was leaving the house to go to the mountain, his son called from behind. The man stopped. His son approached him and grabbed his father's hand.

 " I will go up the mountain with you today "

On hearing this, the father said to his son, "Son, you are too young now. The path is very difficult. You will get tired." But the son persisted. The father's hand was held very tightly. There was a ditch on one side of the road and rocks and bushes on the other side. Suddenly a big rock came in the way. He could not escape from the rock and his knees hit the rock hard. His son screamed in agony. The sound was so loud that it echoed in the surrounding mountains. The son thought that maybe he was making fun of him He shouted again

" Who are you? I will not leave you "

The father was standing and watching, and he understood what his son was thinking.

So his father turned his face towards the ditch and said in a loud voice

 '' I love you very much ''

And the voice began to resound once more when the son saw the father doing this, he was surprised and smiled and said to his father that the person who is making fun of me is saying to you:

 '' I love you very much''

I do not understand what is happening. The father smiled again and turned towards the ditch and said loudly:

 '' you're so sweet ''

The father said that the voice you are hearing, again and again, is not the voice of someone else but it is your own voice that is echoing in the mountains and is being heard again and again. You hear as you speak. If you say something in anger, you will get angry in return. If you say something with love, the answer is love.

This is exactly what happens in our life as you think about our life. This life becomes the same for you. If you keep repeating in your heart that life is very bad, there are many worries in it, then your life will be really bad and if you love your life, it will love you too.

This became ingrained in the child's mind and they both started moving towards the top of the mountain. When they both reached the top of the mountain, the boy stretched out his hands and said with all his might.

                                         '' I love you very much ''

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

10 Short tips for a Happy & Successful life

10 Short tips for a Happy & Successful life

1. Stress:
Whenever there is a disaster in the United States, they give it a name. As in the past, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gloria were all disasters. There are two benefits to naming these disasters.

The first advantage: When a person gives a name to a disaster, he becomes psychologically intense.

Second advantage: When a person calls a calamity by name, he is encouraged to face it.

So give your stress a name.

For example, if you call your stress a bullet, it will mean that whenever you see a bullet coming towards you, you will try to avoid it and you will definitely avoid it.

2. Avoiding bad eating habits:

The best exercise to lose weight in the world is that whenever someone asks you to eat, you turn your head and turn to the left, that is, refuse to eat. You can also name harmful foods.

For example, start calling sugar a white poison, rice a white death, and salt a heart attack. You can be sure that you will soon get rid of the habit of eating harmful foods.

3. Get rid of bad habits:

Everything close to our hands becomes our bad habit. Like mobile phones nowadays. Whatever you want to get used to in your life, bring it within your reach and you will get used to it. If you want to get out of the habit of something, keep it out of your reach and you will get rid of it.

For example: If you want to get rid of the habit of mobile phones, just keep it out of the reach of your hand, you will get rid of this habit.

4. Anxiety and restlessness:

There are two things that a person can do to get rid of anxiety and restlessness.

First job: Keep a diary with you at all times and write down all your daily activities in it. The advantage of this is that more than half of your worries will be transferred to paper as our brain capacity is limited and we will start putting a lot of work into it. Which increases our restlessness and anxiety.

Second job: Whenever you feel restless and anxious, take a long walk. You believe that in 10 to 15 minutes you will come out of this state and start feeling peace of mind and body.

5. Anger control:

If you are accustomed to anger, suggest a punishment with your anger.

For example, You will walk 10 km, try your best to climb the mountain or clean your whole house or you will be hungry all day and so on.

You can be sure that by doing so, your anger will begin to subside and you will one day be able to control your anger.

6. What you need to do to be successful:

The only habit you have in your life is not to go to bed at night until you have decided how and where to start tomorrow. Most of us plan our next day after waking up in the morning. So half a day is spent planning. So they don't have time and that day is wasted. By doing so, you will soon be on the road to success.

7. Maintain unity and family:

The boat never sinks in which no water can enter, no matter how much water is outside. The boat sinks when the water begins to enter it. This is exactly the example of the unity of the family. No matter how many problems and troubles there are outside the family, if there is unity within the family and love is established, then the family never sinks, that is, it never perishes. Therefore, if you do not allow any rift within the family and maintain unity among you, then the family will always remain.

8. Develop self-confidence:

Iron, which is the strongest metal, made man civilized, otherwise, humans would have built houses out of stones and lived in them. The beauty of this strong metal is that no one can break it. Whenever it breaks, it breaks with its own rust. That is, it is destroyed by its very existence. In the same way, no one can defeat humans, no one can harm them, but a human's own existence harms him because of distrust. So by building self-confidence, you can protect yourself from rust and become stronger than iron.

9. Manage your biggest investment:

A human's biggest investment is his children. Suppose you have earned money all your life or gained fame and respect all over the world. Who will get all this? Obviously, all this will be passed on to your children It goes on from generation to generation, so your children are the best place to invest. If you haven't made any investment for your children, then there is no point in your life. If your children do not benefit from it, then all this is meaningless and all your hard work will be wasted.

10. Keep the mind and body active:

Always keep your mind ready to learn something new. Try to keep your thinking as wide as possible and keep your body engaged in some work. Think of something new every day and get in the habit of doing new things. Always think for the good of others and benefit them. This is also one of the most important secrets of success.

Note: If you want to live a calm and happy life, then incorporate these 10 habits into your life.

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Friday, November 5, 2021

Only one secret of success

Only one secret of success

The world's population is currently 7.5 billion. These 7.5 billion people live in 249 countries. Of these, only 25 million are people we can call successful.
What is the definition of success or what is called success?

Let us understand it with a few examples.

For example, you want to be a businessman and you have become a businessman.
For example, you want to be a sportsman and you have become a sportsman.
For example, you want to be a celebrity and you have become a celebrity.

That is, the ideology and thinking of the successful people of the world are different from others, but there is one virtue or secret that is the same among all the successful people of the world and that is it.

"Putting your goal into action"

The 25 million people who have succeeded in the world had one thing in common that was the same.

"Get Started and Do It"

- Someone found a place in their home garage and started learning how to repair a car right there.

- Someone found a drawing room and put a chair and a table there.

- Someone found a room in a friend's house, put up a sign there, and started working.

۔ When no one found a place, he turned his car into an office and embarked on a journey of success.

People who are successful in this world have started to achieve their goals without thinking and have tried their best to achieve their goals and have become successful. This world is a world of doers. Success in this world is not possible for those who sit cross-legged.

 Lesson: If you want to succeed in life too.

"Get Started and Do It"

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Thank You

Sunday, October 24, 2021

How did WhatsApp come into being?

Jan Koum was born on February 24, 1976, in Kyiv, Ukraine, and then to the Soviet Union. He is of Jewish descent. He grew up in Festivo outside Kyiv. The poverty of his household can be gauged from the fact that when the cold days came, he did not even have a blanket to protect himself from the cold. He used to spend the night with the sheep in his neighboring farmhouse to escape the cold.

In 1992, when the Jews of Ukraine began to be persecuted, his mother decided to leave, but Koum's father refused to leave. The mother took a suitcase with her and Jan Koum's torn old clothes and some necessities and emigrated to California, USA.

They were strangers in this land. They had no house, no job, and no food to eat. Koum and his mother began to live entirely on charity.

There is a charity called Food Stamps in the United States. The US government gives these food stamps to people living in extreme poverty, through which they eat two meals a day for free.

To save his life, Koum and his mother used to take food from the food stamp every day.

Life was getting harder by the day. Koum's mother used to work as a nanny, while she herself worked as a cleaner at a grocery store. His mother died in 2000 after a long battle with cancer.

Koum intended to get an education so that he could become someone capable and lead a better life. So at the age of 18, he became interested in programming. He enrolled at San Jose State University, as well as worked as a security tester at Ernst & Young. Jordan also met with the future founder of Reuters.

After graduating from university, Koum worked for Yahoo for nine years.

Facebook came in 2004 and as soon as it became popular, it became the largest company in the world of the internet in 2007. Com applied for a job in a Facebook company but could not get a job in the Facebook company.

Koum suddenly became interested in buying an iPhone. He started saving money and in a few months he bought an iPhone with the money he had saved and using it he came up with an idea why not create an application that would replace the phone. Yes, through which SMS can be sent, pictures can be sent and documents can be sent and there can be no hacking.

It was a unique idea. Com shared this idea with his friend Brian Acton. He also liked this idea very much and they both started struggling to finalize this idea. After two years of hard work, the two friends managed to create a magical application.

This application was published in 2009 and immediately crossed the line of popularity all over the world. In the world of telecommunications, this application caused a stir. This application connected people from all over the world from one corner to the other in a matter of seconds. This app became the fastest and safest means of communication in the world.

The name of this application was:

                                                        '' WhatsApp''

The application became so popular that companies around the world began bidding to buy it, but Koum continued to refuse.

In February 2014, Facebook joined the race to buy WhatsApp. Eventually, Koum decided to sell the application to Facebook for US $ 19.3 billion and invited Facebook's management to the Food Stamp building to refuse to attend. Forced to do so, the Facebook administration agreed to come to the food stamp building for a purchase agreement.

Most importantly, why did Koum invite the Facebook administration to the food stamp building for signing, because this was the place where Koum and his mother waited for hours for the food stamp. Not only that, but the most annoying thing would be when they reached the window, the woman sitting there would look at them with contemptuous eyes and say:

                                                      " Why don't you do any work?

These words tore at his heart. The two could do nothing but remain silent. Because they were helpless. The guard woman would hand over the food stamp and her mother would sign it and they would both go away wiping their tears. They went through this painful process for years.

So when Koum started to have the biggest success in the world, he decided to celebrate this success in the food stamp building and asked the Facebook administration to come here to sign. Sitting in the waiting room of the food stamp building, he signed the papers and received a cheque for the  US $ 19.3 billion,  and went straight to the window where the woman was still sitting. He placed the cheque in front of him and said:

                                                           " I finally succeeded "

He was the only person in the world at that time to own the US $ 19.3 billion with just one signature and to have the honor of being included in the list of 100 billionaires of the world.

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Friday, October 22, 2021

The Only Formula to Become a Leader

 This is the story of Theodore Roosevelt, the first president of the United States of America.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was the first to bridge the gap between blacks and whites in American society.

Booker T. Washington was invited to lunch at the White House. Booker T. Washington was the first black American to have lunch with a white president at the White House for the first time New chapter money.

Booker T. Washington

As a result, on October 7 and 8,  1901 the big news broke around the world and spread throughout the United States, with whites blaming Theodore Roosevelt. Therefore, the President should resign immediately.

Theodore Roosevelt patiently listened to all the objections of the opposition, newspapers, and civil society and then delivered a historic address to the American people.

Theodore Roosevelt said:

Tell me, aren't the black farm people human beings, are the black farm people not related to America. If the answer is yes, then what is their fault that they are black and they are the most deprived people in society.

Theodore Roosevelt said:

I am the president of the whole of the United States and there are black farm dwellers on this American mainland and Booker T. Washington has the same right over this country as Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt said in historical words:

Politicians, leaders, rulers, and developed people have a job to do to end the division of society. The rich and the poor are not equal. All human beings are equal and I am not ready to accept any person who will increase this difference instead of eliminating it.

I ask those who read this story, "Who is a leader?"

What would you answer? Surely you will say, “The one who has the power to lead the nation and lead the best.

The most powerful system for becoming a leader is capitalism. In this system, the lower class is told that you can also join the upper class, but you have to adopt a formula.

 The formula is:

1: Skills

2: Attention

3: Planning

4: Hard work

The leader who tells this formula to the poor and deprived is the leader.

So if you too have reached the goal of success, you have learned to work hard or you know how to handle worldly affairs better, then you have a duty to become a leader like Theodore Roosevelt and these people. Guide those who are left behind and this is how society develops.


Always remember that this approach is the greatest virtue of the capitalist system and that it produces people like Bill Gates and the number of successful people is constantly increasing every year.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Started business from childhood

This is the story of Warren Buffett from belonging was a poor family.

When he was a small child, there was aground in front of his house where his peers used to come to play. Warren Buffett also visited the ground daily. One day he noticed that when the children were exhausted during the game, they would look at the Coca-Cola company nearby.

So Warren Buffett decided to make some arrangements to quench the thirst of these children.
The next day Warren Buffett bought seven Coca-Cola bottles out of his own pocket and sat them down on the ground. When the kids got thirsty during the game, they bought all the Coca-Cola bottles one by one from Warren Buffett.

From that day on, Warren Buffett, in his early teens, thought that if I wanted to have a happy life, I had to start a business.

So Warren Buffett started the business at the age of seven and then grew to include the list of the richest people in 1986.


If you want to have a great and honorable life, then quit looking for a job and start your own business because the job will give you nothing but Slavery and Disappointment.

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Weakness Can Be Your Strength

Microsoft is still the world's largest software company. It is also included in the list of the 10 largest companies in the world. 20 years ago today, an interesting incident took place in this company. The company needed a peon. The HR department of the company called 20 educated youths and ordered them to fill up the job form and submit it. When the manager read the form, one of the candidates did not write the email address in the form. When the manager asked this candidate the reason, he said that:

''I do not have a computer so I never created my email address''

The manager angrily told him that in this day and age, the person whose e-mail is to them does not exist in the world and we cannot give a job to a non-existent person. At that time, the young man had only 10 dollars in his pocket. 
The young man decided to try his luck with these 10 dollars. He bought tomatoes for 10 dollars and started selling tomatoes from house to house in a neighborhood of the city. He sold all his tomatoes and made a profit of 15 dollars. The next day he bought 20 dollars worth of tomatoes and sold them for 40 dollars. Two days later his capital reached 100 dollars. The short story The young man's business has grown. He bought his van in a few days and then a few. In time, he bought a big truck and started selling vegetables from house to house and took the form of a small company. He built big warehouses, hired 200 people, bought big cars, and started selling vegetables all over the city. Over the next eight years, branches opened in several US states, and he became a millionaire. During this time, he got married and then he realized the need for an insurance policy for his wife.
So the insurance agent came and started filling out the form and said sir write your e-mail address in this form so that we can mail you the insurance policy. He smiled at the agent and said.

"I don't have an email"

I haven't used a computer until today. The agent looked at him in amazement and said, "It's amazing, sir. You've made so much progress without your computer and e-mail. If you had an e-mail today, how much progress would you make?" He laughed and He said.

"If I had an e-mail address today, I would be an office boy in Microsoft today because the nineteen young people who had e-mail addresses are still working as office boys in Microsoft"


The shortcomings in our lives that we consider our failures are sometimes the gearbox of our success. So let us learn the skill of making our weaknesses and shortcomings a source of strength. No one in the world can compete with you.

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Why do problems in life

Once upon a time, there lived a man in a village. He had a small garden in which he worked hard to grow fruits and support his family. The man worked hard all year in the garden and when the fruits were ripe he would leave the house to pick them. So he would take the poor and the needy with him, and when he reached the garden he would say to them, "Shake the trees so hard that the fruit will fall down and fall down. And he would be blessed and the man's garden would be blessed and his house would be prosperous and this was always the man's routine.

Time passed and he got old and became very ill. One day the man called his sons and strongly advised them to take the needy people with them when they go to pick fruits from the garden after my death. Repeat the same process that I have been doing to this day.

The man said:

                          "If you don't, you'll be ruined."

After a few days, the man died. The man's sons did not follow their father's advice at all.

They began to say:

"In this garden, we grow fruits with our labor. It is all ours. There is no one in it except us."

Gradually the disease began to spread in his garden and all the trees became barren. The man's words came true and everything became barren.
One night the man's son saw his father in a dream
 He said to his son:

"I advised you before I died, but you did not obey me, and this is the cause of your ruin today."

Go and give the poor their share as soon as your situation improves.

So the man's sons did this again, they worked hard in the garden and when the fruits were ripe, they took the needy with them and did what their father, used to do, and then things started to get better.


When we help someone in our life, prayers come from his heart and are acceptable in the sight of God, which pleases God and gives happiness to man. That is, those prayers are the cause of our best deeds. That is, such prayers come from which come out of the heart when the need of a poor person is met.

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How to Control to Anger

One young man was very angry. He abused in anger. He would fight with people and break tables, chairs, and utensils. The young man's father took him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist gave her a sack full of nails and told her to take out one of her nails whenever she got angry and knock on the main door of her house. The young man came home with a sack. On the first day, he got angry 60 times, then on the second day 55 times and on the third day, he got angry 45 times. He paused and wondered why the number of nails was dwindling.



The boy's brain responded that it was easier to bear anger than to drive a nail. So I'm getting less angry so this number is also getting less.

Nails on the  door

Short story:

This young man learned from a nail-biting exercise in a month that it is better to nail than angry.

                   ''He went back to the psychologist and told him the good news''

                                        ''I haven't nailed anyone today''

Psycho smiled and gave him the nail remover tool and said that now whenever you get angry use this tool to get the nail out of the door. The young man followed this instruction and removed all the nails from the door in two months.

When the psychiatrist found out about this, he came to her house and stood her in front of the door and showed her the nail marks and said that you have removed all the nails but you cannot remove the nail marks from this door.  

"No matter what you do now, you can't bring this door back to its original state," he said. The marks of these nails have changed the shape of this door.

Nail marks on the door

The psychologist said that the only result of every grief and anger in the world is peace. We first run the nails of hatred and then we pull the nails of hatred. First, we fight then we reconcile and we forgive each other. But despite all this, the signs of anger and hatred are still there and they never go away.

"So whenever you get angry, after a battle of ideas, you will apologize and reconcile, but the marks of your anger will always be on the door of relationship and friendship"

Anger is called the fire in which the angry person first burns himself.

Man in a state of anger

But the question is, can a man control his anger? The answer is no because it is human nature, but we can overcome it. By doing the following

During anger:

1. Don't speak out loud

2. Don't abuse

3. Do not fight and quarrel

4. Be quiet

5. Sit up, lie down while sitting

6. Change your location

From today best to never let anger get in your way.

Please read our inspirational stories and share them with others sharing can change someone's life

Thank You